Born in Genoa in the last century, Roby was influenced by the photographic passion of his uncle, his mother’s brother.
At the age of twelve he began to “play” with his father’s camera; The Closter Princess.
With age his interest in photography also grows, fascinated by black and white cinema, he is inspired by this for his photographs, after an in-depth period of studies where he presents some exhibitions and wins numerous photography competitions, he debuts in professionalism .
In 1990 he opened the first photographic studio in Piedmont where he worked in ceremony and portrait photography, without neglecting the continuous search for ever new stimuli.
In 1992 he opened the studio in Liguria
In 1996 he found an interest in Equestrian Photography, to the point of carrying out services in some of the most prestigious international equestrian competitions.
In the following years, in addition to constant research and the realization of some projects, he also held photography courses at technical institutes in Italy and photography clubs. In 2005 he returned to Genoa.